SOLD-99 Pires Dr, Montville

SOLD $300,000

The real estate market has been HOT in 2019! Houses that hit the market with thoughtful marketing and beautiful photos get sold at list price. Learn how professional photography, floorplans, and aerial photos, and staging help tell the story of your home. Motivate potential buyers to fall in love and put in their offer. Moving for work, downsizing, or just looking for a change? Contact me for a Marketing Consultation and learn how I can sell your home!

Norwich Sees Boom in Multi-Family Home Sales

Norwich has seen a boom of multi-family home sales in the last 18 months. There have been 121 sales in the last 18 months alone- that means one sold every 4.5 days! But why the sudden demand for this type of property? The most frequently cited benefit is that multi Family homes can provide income when the homes additional units are rented even when buyers are living in one of the units. The added potential income of a rental unit can often be used as income when qualifying for a mortgage. Many owners of multi-family homes note lower maintenance costs (vs. owning a separate rental entity)- one roof, one lawn, one sewer, etc.

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